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Getting to Know Vehicle Insurance for a New Car

Getting to Know Vehicle Insurance for a New Car -The higher the level of living standards of Indonesian people, no wonder making the demand for car purchases is also increasing. Moreover, the car is the dream vehicle of many people. This makes the car a very valuable vehicle and must be maintained properly. The price is quite expensive, certainly makes everyone do not want bad things to happen to the car we have. Therefore, it is very important to have vehicle insurance on a new car.

Considerations of Choosing Vehicle Insurance

Unfortunately not many people know the benefits of new car insurance. This is due to the lack of information about the benefits of insurance on new cars that we have. Sometimes the insurance obtained when you have a new car, is insurance offered by insurance companies that have worked with the car company. So car owners do not understand very well, the advantages and benefits of the insurance they have. Not a few who allow car companies or car leasing to choose which insurance company will be in charge of their car. In fact, it is very important to carefully understand the insurance for the new car to be used.

All-Risk Insurance

There are two types of insurance products that can be chosen by new car owners; All-risk or comprehensive insurance and TLO. For this all-risk or comprehensive car insurance, the company will pay a claim for any type of damage, applying to minor damage, severe damage to loss in traffic accidents or due to natural disasters and riots. By paying regular premium fees according to the contract stated in the insurance policy, you can already get a protection program against your car.

Generally, the price of insurance premiums for each insurance company is different. So, before choosing the type of insurance you need, make sure you already know clearly about all the obligations and costs of car insurance that must be done. Case in point; The car is grazed by public transportation, the damage is minor which makes the car less comfortable to look at. In this case, the claim can be done if the insurance owned is comprehensive insurance.

Total Loss Only Insurance (TLO)

As for Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance, it only guarantees the risk of theft and damage if the estimated repair costs are equal to or exceed 75 percent of the vehicle price shortly before the loss. Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance was chosen because the premium price is relatively cheaper than all risk insurance. The insurance company will provide protection and help carry out legal responsibility for partial damage and total damage to motor vehicles or insured cars according to the amount of premium value.

Basically, insurance frees you from the extra costs that must be incurred when there is damage to the car. Imagine if you don't have insurance, when the car is damaged, you have to spend personal funds to replace the parts. Car insurance is not only useful for insurance owners and car drivers only. There is also a choice of coverage that can cover the damage to other motorists' cars due to your negligence, so you do not need to panic and dizziness because the damage will be reimbursed by the insurance.

Now, you don't have to think for long any longer to have insurance on a new car. In addition to keeping your assets still have a high value, you also do not think too much about the additional costs when your car suffers damage when things happen that are not desirable. So what are you waiting for? Have insurance for your new car.
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