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Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia 2022

Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia 2022 - Car insurance is insurance that provides compensation if the vehicle is damaged, either severely damaged or just abrasions, and lost. In addition, there are additional benefits in the form of replacement damage due to floods, riots (riots), and natural disasters.
Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia 2022

With this protection, the insurance company will cover the vehicle if it is damaged or lost within a year. Therefore, choose the best and cheap car insurance in order to get benefits as needed with affordable premiums.

The following is a list of the best and cheap car insurance 2022:

  • Sinarmas Car Insurance
  • ACA Insurance
  • Zurich Autocillin
  • AXA Mandiri Insurance
  • Simas Insurtech Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Insurance
  • ABDA Insurance
  • Tugu Insurance
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Sompo Insurance
This type of car insurance consists of all risk (comprehensive) and Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance. All risk car insurance covers all risks, while TLO car insurance only covers severe damage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of coverage and the amount of premiums.

Therefore, you should adjust it to the needs and types of cars. For example, choose KIA Car Insurance, Nissan Car Insurance, ACC Car Insurance, BCA Insurance Car Insurance, and others.

Speaking of premiums, the cost of car insurance premiums is adjusted to the type chosen. Broadly speaking the range starts from Rp600 thousand per year or around Rp50 thousand per month!

1. TLO Car Insurance
2. All Risk Car Insurance
3. Combined Car Insurance
4. Expansion Car Insurance (Rider)
5. Collision Coverage Car Insurance
6. Liability Insurance Car Insurance
7. Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance

Insurance for old cars, can you?
For those of you old car owners or antique car collectors certainly also want to provide more vehicle insurance protection so that the car still has optimal and durable performance. Can we apply for insurance for an old car?

Of course it can, but old car insurance and used cars have different provisions than new ones. For example, to be able to use used car all risk insurance, the maximum car age is 10 years and some vehicle insurance companies will charge additional fees for old cars.

Meanwhile, TLO car insurance coverage is the most suitable for old cars generally with a maximum age of 10-20 years. What are the benefits of TLO car insurance for old or used cars?

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